I'm looking for someone to become
The Webmaster
for our Web Site - Thurtell Memories

I'm looking for someone in the Thurtell Clan with a Computer Science and HTML5 Web Page Design background or . . . someone who has a strong desire and willingness to learn.

Hopefully, this person will be someone who is interested in preserving our Thurtell Memories and will continue supporting and updating our web site for present and future "Thurtell" generations to enjoy.
Make no mistake about it!
Accepting this challenge will not be an easy task.
My style of web page design dates back to the mid 80's. I do not use an automated Web Page Generator Program such as, Microsoft's FrontPage HTML program. Instead, I use just a plain and simple "Text Editor" to create the pages (Editpad Lite).

The person accepting this challenge may want to change the existing html pages according to the web page style they are comfortable with. I will provide all of the current web pages, video files, images and etc.

General Information
Thurtell Memories Domain: thurtellmemories.com
I started our home page in the late 80's using FREE Web Hosting service's. As time went by more and more pages were added. However, due to the problems and limitations of the service provide by FREE hosting services, I decided to purchase our own Domain and host our site myself.

On 05-11-2012 I registered and paid for our domain with "domainregister.com" for 10 years. It expires on 05-11-2022, at which time our "Domain Ownership" will have to be renewed for another 10 years.
Current Host Computer Information:
I am currently hosting our web site on a computer (server) that I built which is located in my home. This server is on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Server Operating System: Linux/Ubuntu
OS Server Version: Ubuntu - Xenial Xerus, Version 16.04.01 LTS
Updated and Installed on our Server: 08-24-2016

I maintain three (3) back-up hard drives. Periodically I clone the systems hard drive to one of the 3 back-up hard drives. I use the Son, Father and Grandfather back-up method. To Clone, I use Clonezilla Live, Version 20161121 - yakkety-amd64

The computer (server) has a SATA 500 GB hard drive, DVD drive, Flat Screen 20'' LED Monitor, Speakers, Keyboard and Mouse.

In addition to our "Thurtell Memories" domain, I also host 2 additional Web Sites.
1) barnettmemories.com and 2) usshaynsworth.org
Web Site Hosting Option:
Contract with Franklin Communications and have them host our web site. This is the same people that I purchased our "thurtellmemories.com" Domain from. However, there will be a monthy Hosting Cost to do this. I suggest that the Thurtell Clan donate the funds. If everyone contributes, the individule cost would be very little.
Should you decide to accept this challenge . .
then email me.

Anthony W. Barnett (Billy)